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Calligraphic Art - Sami Sunchild Peace Arts Gallery

Calligraphic Paintings are paintings of Words. The words and thoughts themselves are the subject matter. Long ago Sami was inspired by the beauty of Asian calligraphy in traditional word poems of Japan, Korea, and China. She at first tried to paint our western alphabet to look Asian. It did not work. Spontaneous vertical brush strokes could not lend their magic to our horizontal linear alphabet.

It was only when Sami invented adaptations of her own, energized by the many cultural artistic traditions she admires, that she found her own unique artistic expression, artistic cultures, offering homage to the San Blas Indians of Panama, the huichol yarn painters of Mexico, the South Pacific bark painters, to Austrian artist, Friedensreich, Hundertwasser, the French Impressionists and the Aboriginal Dreamtime Painters of Australia.


Click the images below for a larger version:

“Be Somebody Magnificent” Acrylic on foam board, freeform 60” x 40”

“Beautiful Alternatives”



“Yes to Life” 20” x 28”

“Cheerfulness, Jubilation, Exhalation” 85” x 48”



 “Ideas Flowering into Reality”

 “God, My Essence, My Origin, My Life Blood, My Home” Scroll on paper 55” x 85”

 “Ideas Flowering into Reality”

 “Each Painting Teaches Me” Acrylic on foamboard freeform shape 40” x 80”



“I Know, I Know That I Know, Its OK for Me to Know” Scroll on Paper 55” x 70”

“These Two Hands”

1981, San Francisco, acrylic on canvas 24” x 30”



“Peace in 28 Languages” 30” x 40”

The hands of God hold the planet and its people

“For Whom Do I Paint These Words?”

Acrylic on Canvas 36” x 46”