Peaceful World Center at the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast San Francisco




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How to Host a Peaceful World Conversation

Peaceful World Conversations bring together diverse people around topics that matter in their own lives and in the world. They include guest travelers and members of the local community, both invited and drop-in. This section provides tips and guidelines for you to learn how to host your own Peaceful World Conversation.


Whether you are a traveler or travel host, whether you wish to host Peaceful World Conversations in your home town or during your travels, whether you are planning to host a regularly-scheduled conversation or a one-time only conversation, these tips will help you get started!


This is an exciting adventure in envisioning the kind of world we all want and inventing "next steps" as we travel the world. Peaceful World Conversations connect people who are moving about, learning and participating from culture to culture. We are privileged enough to travel and we have a lot to give. The delight in these gatherings is in the spontaneous exchange of the participants and hosts.

We wish you insightful and joyful conversations!



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