Peaceful World Center at the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast San Francisco




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Peaceful World Conversations

Just arrived in London or Tokyo or San Francisco and don't know anybody? Would you like to meet with peace-building travelers like yourself?

Peaceful World Conversations are hosted discussions in public places that use the same minimal set of agreements and a simple process to create a shift from small talk to BIG talk.

Peaceful World Conversations invariably help members nurture their ability to listen to other points of view; how their own lives and travels are affecting the achievement of the kind of world we want for everybody.

Traveling conversationalists become Conversation Hosts and network this peace-building method all over the world. Peaceful World Conversations bring people together to talk about topics that matter in their own lives and in the world.

Popular for years as Breakfast Conversations at San Francisco's Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast and Peace Center, they now enjoy a popularity which is spreading across the continent and around the world. B&B's feel more friendly and intimate when they encourage their guests (and staff) to converse together about things that matter. Strangers soon become friends.

Peaceful World Conversations are held at appointed times in many hotels, cafés; any place where travelers and locals gather. When you travel ask your hosts if they offer a Peaceful World Conversation or volunteer to start one for them. They can also be run in a bed & breakfast, a university, café, library or other public place when you return home.