Peaceful World Center at the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast San Francisco




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Purposes of Peaceful World Conversations

Peaceful World Conversations are part of a movement to restore the lost art of conversation.


They have become so popular that they are known by a number of other names: Peace Salons, Peace Conversations, Conversation Cafés, World Cafés, Peace Cafés, Breakfast Conversations, and Global Conversations.

Immediate results: These gatherings create the experience of an empathetic and motivated community sharing cross-cultural perspectives. Such discussions offer participants actual experience of the kind of world we are trying to build.

Long-term results: We are creating a conscious, global, and deliberate conversational network to intentionally bring forth a peaceful world. The existing and evolving reality in which humans live has always been birthed in ideas, then expressed in groups, and then carried into action. Peaceful World Conversations combines these factors and sends its participants out into the world to share their knowledge.

How is this happening? Our traveling conversationalists become conversation hosts and network this peace-building method all over the world.

Peaceful World Conversations invariably help members nurture their ability to listen to other points of view and to carefully ponder how their own lives and travels are affecting the achievement of the kind of world we want for everybody. These conversations build around important and carefully chosen questions.

The subject matter of Peaceful World Conversations relies on what is “up” for the participants – how they relate to the world around them and the specific actions and experiences they are having in their lives related to making a better world and peaceful relationships. We do not theorize or analyze politics, religion, etc… These gatherings are all about us and what we are doing and learning.

As participants talk around a Conversation Table, they are often reminded of the many other interrelated discussions that are taking place all over the world. The ideas and questions that arise out of their conversations are carried to other places and shared with other people, so Peaceful World Conversations spontaneously grows into a network.


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