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Asian Inspired Scroll Paintings - Sami Sunchild Peace Arts Gallery

Sami Sunchild’s Scroll Paintings are inspired by the traditional scrolls of Asia - Japan, China, Korea. Unlike western framed paintings, scrolls are easy to roll up and store for a change of the seasons life.

The Life Spring Mandalas - Each of us is a fresh spring of energy and ideas bubbling up into each new day of our lives. We are continuously renewing centers of concentric pattern of our yesterdays which we have poured forth onto the world. These mandalas are reminders to your of your own outpourings. How do you affect the people and places of your yesterdays?

The Space Between - Is a series of painted Meditations, not of physical forms, but of the metaphysical or energy world. These paintings symbolize the qualities of energy which we put to the other individuals in our relationships. Are we creating a harmonious pattern with one another, or are we creating the energy vibrational field between you and significant others in your life. These paintings are not about your physical being, but about what it is like to interact with you, symbolized by Sami’s painted energy fields.



Click the images below for a larger version:

Left Scroll: “Space Between” Hand-painted on Italian fabric. Right Scroll: “Space Between” Hand-painted on Italian fabric.

Left Scroll: “To Be Not Only Right but Effective” Acrylic on Italian fabric 19” x 32”


Right Scroll: “Language Dominates the Human Mind” Acrylic on Italian fabric 17” x 38”



Right Scroll: “Space Between”

Left Scroll: “Space Between”

Left Scroll: “Where There is Communication There Can Be Understanding” Acrylic on Paper. (first calligraphic painting Sami ever painted when she was attempting to imitate the Asian calligraphy)

Right Scroll: “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done on Earth” Acrylic on Italian fabric.



“Our Galaxy of Relationships”

Acrylic on Italian fabric 18” x 36”

“Gladden, Inspire, Delight, Rejoice”

Acrylic on foam board, freeform shape 40” x 37”