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Types of Peaceful World Conversations

There are two variations on Peaceful World Conversations:

  • Drop-In/Casual Conversations, and

  • Scheduled/Hosted Conversations

Both offer an informal environment where individuals feel invited to walk in and sit together to talk in small groups around a table about topics of interest.

For Drop-In/Casual Conversations the conversation table is often available at any time. People simply sit there at their pleasure, signifying their interest in talking with others.

  • For Travel Hosts:
    Owners, managers, and hosts of travel spots (bed and breakfasts, hotels, hostels, cafes and other meeting places) can provide a table and the right welcoming environment to encourage your patrons and guests to start a Drop-In/Casual Conversation.

  • For Travelers and Locals:
    Travelers and members of any local community can take the initiative to begin a conversation with willing strangers and friends. There are no requirements or restrictions on what you talk about or where the conversation may lead, as long as everyone's different perspectives on a given subject are heard and welcomed.

Scheduled/Hosted Conversations are time-committed, hosted events which last for a specified time with a simple taking-turns agenda and guidelines for a good conversation. These conversations usually last around 90 minutes, a length of time that allows the conversation to really take shape but does not require a huge commitment from participants. Announcements for these conversations are posted on premises and on the Peaceful World Conversations Directory. Guests may attend by reservation or drop-in, depending on the host.

  • For Travel Hosts:
    You may decide to host your own scheduled conversations at your place of business, or provide the space to interested travelers and locals who approach you about hosting a conversation there. Making yourself available to work out the details of the scheduled event with the interested conversation host (arranging time and date, preparation of refreshments, promotion, etc...) is important part of helping this be a successful World Conversation.

  • For Travelers and Locals:
    Approaching the owner or manager of a business where other travelers are likely to meet (bed & breakfasts, hotels, cafes, etc...) is a good idea to work out an appropriate time and space to host your World Conversation. The conversation will inevitably adapt and adjust to the type of space that is available, so being flexible as to the details of the arrangement is a good way to ensure that everyone will be happy with the event and that the conversation will be successful.


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