Peaceful World Center at the Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast San Francisco




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What You Will Need to Host a Peaceful World Conversation

As the host of a Peaceful World Conversation, you need to ensure the right kind of environment to allow your conversationalists to feel comfortable, open, and engaged. Here are some of the basic necessities to be prepared.

  • An inviting round table with introductory "Welcome" card in the center. Seating should be for 4 to 9 people. More people require more tables in the interest of quality time for all to express and be heard.

  • Conversation Cards:

  • Six Ingredients of a Good Conversation:
    This will get all participants aligned with the structure of the conversation they are about to have with each other.


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  • Topic Cards:
    Some ideas for possible conversation topics relating to world experiences and peace-building.

  • Follow-Up Cards: Contact cards that participants will fill out at the end of the conversation and can choose to send in to Peaceful World Travel Headquarters, in order to keep in touch with the outcomes of current World Conversations.

  • Refreshments: A buffet style is the easiest setup for these kinds of gatherings, but other arrangements are welcomed.


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