Red Victorian San Francisco Bed and Breakfast, Peaceful World Center, Peace Art Gallery and Peaceful World Cafe -



In This Section:



After the night I knew I was dying
After finding, after three years of illness, I was alive
After concluding at age nine that I was on earth to use my talents to make a unique contribution
After four more decades of living
After a 1976 intended two week vacation to San Francisco
After a year of challenging ideas and new friends in San Francisco
After the collapse of the commune back home in Hawaii
After investing my personal savings in a building for a religious group in San Francisco
After the group backed out, fearing the amount of work required to renovate an antique building
After the inspector decreed the building irrevocably zoned as a hotel; any other uses forbidden
After all banks refused loans for remodeling
After two alleged “investing business partners” finagled title to half the building without investing a penny
After the “partners” declared “Whether you like it or not, we own half the building and we don’t like you. You must either sell us your half or buy our half from us.”
After finding a lawyer who promised action and filed
After rejecting the lawyer’s contract which, if she won title from the defendants, gave it to her
After briefing ten law firms, all of whom turned me down
After a prestigious law firm took me on, pro bono
After the electrician broke out the tile face of the fireplace in The Peacock Suite
After the building inspector condemned the electrical ’s three floors of heating and lighting work
After months of written forms and complaints to the State Contractor’s License Board, which did nothing
After the contractor-to-correct-the-work of the previous contractor disappeared
After the new skylights leaked buckets of rain into the ground floor
After the skylight contractor vanished
After the entire interior was repaired and painted and the outside was painted red with gold letters proclaiming “THE RED VICTORIAN”
After forty windows were repaired, painted, shaded and curtained
After twenty five beds, thirty two chairs and sixteen dressers, tables, desks were installed, often by carrying them on the roof of my 1965 Plymouth Valiant
After giving each room a special name – the Summer of Love Room, the Sunshine Room, the Rainbow Room and all the others
After hanging seventy of my original Visual Poems and paintings in the hallways
After a trickle of hotel guests began to come
After the hotel manager walked out
After a year and a half wait for a court date to recover control and title
After the court appointed a receiver to operate the hotel
After the receiver lost money each month
After finding an interim manager and introducing him to the receiver
After the receiver rented him the entire furnished eighteen rooms, including their income, for the price of an ordinary unfurnished three room apartment
After the trial date was set, the jury picked
After three weeks of courtroom attack: “The victim-brought-it-on-herself”
After the jury restored my title to The Red Victorian
After the interim caretaker-manager of the hotel refused to leave, having made the hotel and income his own
After the ground floor tenants also refused to leave, citing their “lease” with the former “partners”
After the hotel doorbell rang repeatedly every night
After witnessing a hasty drug pickup in the hallway
After police warned “people’s bodies have been stuffed in the trunks of cars” for witnessing such things
After two male silhouettes appeared in the roof skylight above me one night, looking down into my room
After spying a gun under the jacket of the hotel manager
After coming home to find four of my large paintings slashed from frame to frame, heaped on the floor
After my office was broken into and documents stolen
After escaping in the night
After multiple occasions of homelessness
After picking myself up by my own bootstraps. Again. And again
After weeping, praying, meditating . . . . painting
After paying the hotel manager $10,000 to leave
After the ground floor tenants set up tables on the sidewalk soliciting neighbors and hotel customers to boycott “the landlord” who was trying to “evict them”
After hundreds and thousands of negative statements were circulated about me, depicting me quite differently from the person I really am
After deciding not to strike back, not to defame others
After the loss of my best friend
After my dog was stolen
After training half-hearted staff, then training disinterested staff, then training transient staff, then training dishonest staff, and then pouring a lot of energy into unreliable staff
After not one staff person showed up whose enthusiasm, hard work and commitment matched my own month after month, year after year
After experiences of having one or all employees leave, sometimes with no notice when the hotel was full
After knowing I couldn’t build this business alone, – years and years holding a vision that others would come to share in the creation of a fun,inspiring, socially innovative small business in service to the world
After years of spiritual and emotional fulfillment as part of a very special church community
After the loss of that church community
After a diagnosis of breast cancer
After seeking counseling for stress at my HMO and receiving no understanding and a bottle of pills
After rejecting the approaches of both the oncology and psychiatric departments of the HMO
After looking deep within myself, changing what I could of my life, using alternatives and vanishing the cancer
After several decisions to sell the Red Victorian because I lacked both energy and money to keep the Vision alive one more day
After decades of formal and informal classes and personal growth training experiences
After a Ph.D in Transformational Arts and Societal Change
After a ten year wait to use my building’s ground floor
After being free, at last, to welcome the world to the street level Gallery of Meditative Art, hotel reception, lobby, breakfast area and gift shop.
I am still here. I have not abandoned my dream which has blossomed to include thousands of fascinating people from all over the world. They come each year to stay in the Flower Child Room, the Peace Room, the Sunshine Room or one of the other popular guestrooms. I have designed these rooms and our whole environment with the idea in mind of welcoming people to feel relaxed, amused, friendly and open, and to have an experience of the real San Francisco and Haight-Ashbury. We are an Idea Center and a Gallery of my Meditative Art and a Peace Center. At The Red Victorian we are modeling what I would like for the whole world.


- Sami Sunchild