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Meet Our Founder, Sami Sunchild


Hello everybody! Sami here!


If you ask where I was born, it was in a little town in the northwest corner of the state of Washington. BUT I was born to parents with big ideas. Before 1923 when she met my father, my mother had already been around the world, living in China, England and Canada. Daddy came west from Chicago to live in "Godís Country." So I grew up hiking in our forests and knowing people of a variety of races and religions who were always welcome in our home.


I consider many parts of our beautiful planet home. All my life I have been studying the effects and potentials of tourism in many cultures, from Fiji and the Polynesian islands to Bali, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and much of Europe and north Africa. My goal is, with your help, to offer a brave new alternative to corporate tourism.


I am an entrepreneur. I believe in self-employment and in choosing a profession which makes a better world, and a better self. At the Red Vic we demonstrate that cultural tourism can offer positive, educational experiences to travelers, and that it can be a sustainable business enterprise for individuals, families and even villages around the world. The Red Victorian is a model for Peaceful World Travel Bed & Breakfast establishments, serving as Cultural Tourism Meccas for travelers intent on bettering their lives and the world around them.


If you know other hospitality entrepreneurs, please let us know. We are always reaching for individuals and villages around the world who wish to support themselves by offering their own personalized local alternative to corporate tourism.